Correction or Collapse?

Could it be that the steady drop in house prices is actually the property market correcting itself and becoming more affordable? Or is it the start of episode 2 of the economic crash?

That is the question on the lips of many but only time will tell. The Nationwide house price index has recorded a decline in property prices since summer 2017 and to the surprise of many, even the London property market has been affected.

It has been hinted that London’s property market is going to be hit the hardest when Britain leaves the EU after a price drop of 1.6% this year alone. Hamptons International released figures which highlight a record number of Londoners leaving the City life and moving up North. They claim that during the first 6 months of 2018 just under 30,300 Londoners moved out of the Capital, a 16% increase on those who made the move during the same period in 2007.

Value for money may be one of the reasons behind the new-found love of the North and to put things into perspective, you can purchase a large detached house in the City of Birmingham for around £425,000 compared to a 2 bedroom flat located above a row of shops in East London.

I know which one I would choose!

Property experts have agreed that the dramatic rise in property prices experienced over the past 5 years had come to an end but if you have your property on the market or are looking to sell your house in the near future, please contact OK Property before the housing market situation worsens and your property is worth less than your mortgage debt!

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