Housing Chain Problems

Housing Chain Problems

People who come to us often complain about being in a chain. In todays housing market, the majority of property purchases will have a chain, making it almost unavoidable.

In each link of the chain there will be an estate agent, a legal firm, a surveyor and a mortgage lender trying to work together.

When all of these companies are working together, if one misses a phone call, forgets a signature, anything, there is a knock-on effect to the speed of the sale.

All of this unnecessary extra work and complication leads to delays after delays. After all, the chain will only progress as fast as the slowest link!

By selling your property to us and breaking your chain, you are left in a stronger position when buying and putting you in control of events rather than relying on others.

If you want to speed up your chain and get a quick offer for your property, get in touch today call freephone: 0800 270 7571 or send us an email on info@okproperty.co.uk