How Brexit is affecting mortgages & house prices

It probably comes as no surprise that Brexit has been affecting property prices across the country, from your average semi-detached family home to the millionaire mansions like those found in West London.

But how is Brexit affecting mortgages?

Mortgage lenders have been offering better mortgage deals in the hope that they can entice buyers and convince them that Brexit is not the end of the world after all. However, property buyers are not easy to convince at the best of times and rightly so as buying a house will probably be the largest financial commitment you will ever make.

So, do you take advantage of the cheaper house prices now or wait another 6 months to see if they fall even further? That is a very good question. The problem is, the answer is never going to be clear cut.

Whether the Government manages to agree a deal for Brexit or not, the property market has already suffered with house prices flat lining in many regions and slumping in others. Even the low interest rates haven’t persuaded house buyers to take advantage and it is perhaps not that widely known that, the current lending rates are almost the lowest recorded in the history of mortgage lending.

Understandably, buyers don’t want to purchase a property for the value to fall in 6 months and perhaps continue to fall as this may leave them in negative equity. Even if you plan to buy your forever home, a simple change in circumstances like sudden unemployment could be catastrophic to a home owner, especially if the property value has decreased.

Even buyers and investors looking for a short-term property purchase are tending to tread cautiously as economic cycles tend to take longer than 5 years to ride themselves out and they may be left short changed if their property value has fallen.

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