Misery for Mortgage Approvals

According to the Bank of England’s latest figures, mortgage approvals dropped across Britain to a seven-month low during the month of September.

There were 42,581 mortgages approved in the month of August compared with 37,352 mortgage approvals last month.  This is the lowest number of approved mortgages since February 2018 and a year on year comparison shows a 10% drop compared with September 2017 mortgage approvals.

In August 2018 the gross mortgage lending figure was £21.5 billion dropping by £3 billion just one month later in September 2018. The number of homeowners looking to remortgage their properties also dropped in September to a figure of 27,676 compared with August which was one of the busiest months for remortgages due to many homeowners wanting to secure the lower interest rate figures before the rise by the Bank of England.

Could the decline in mortgage approvals have been caused by the interest rate rise in August from 0.5% to 0.75%? Perhaps it is just another pot hole along a very bump road as the property market has been gradually slowing ever since the vote to leave the European Union was announced.

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