Who’s next to disappear from the high street?

According to KPMG, it is likely that the next casualty of the ever-lengthening high street closure list will be Estate Agents.

Huge retail companies have been wiped out in recent years and with the ever-slowing property market and increasing competition from online Estate Agents, seeing properties being advertised in shop windows may become a thing of the past.

Not only are the traditional high street Estate Agents having to cope with a stagnant property market and fierce competition online, but they are having to cope with new legislative challenges too.

It has been reported that Britain’s biggest estate agency, Countrywide, have had to […] Read more

£27 Billion Drop in UK Property Market Value

According to Zoopla, the property market value has dropped by an astonishing £27 billion since the beginning of 2018. That’s almost a £3.5 billion drop per month or £5.12 per day!!

The statistics revealed that the worst affected area is the South West of England with a 2.51% drop in property value followed by the East Midlands and the Yorkshire and Humber regions which saw a value drop of 1.22% and 2.12%.

The overall property market value has dropped by 0.33% according to the study and as you can probably imagine, the finger of blame is being pointed directly at […] Read more

Sluggish Property Market

Did you know that properties are currently taking two weeks longer on average to sell?

Comparing figures from 2017, it shows that June 2018 was the 16th consecutive month where the time frame for a property sale was in decline.

According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, it is now taking on average 18 weeks for a property to sell from when it is first put onto the market – that’s almost 5 months!

The property market has been described as ‘sluggish’ and it is not looking likely to speed up anytime soon with buyers expected to be even more hesitant in […] Read more

I Need To Sell My House Fast – Have no fear, OK Property is here!

Do you have a house that you need to sell quickly?

If you are looking for a quick sale because you need to sell your house fast, please contact OK Property today.

Do any of the below situations sound familiar?

“I need to sell my house fast through a reputable quick sale company!” We offer honest, reliable advice with professionalism, integrity and more importantly, a sale completion for you within the shortest possible time.

“I need to sell my house fast and I’m worried about expensive estate agents fees!” If you sell your house to OK Property, there will be no estate agents […] Read more

Housing Market Flatlines

Can we blame everything on the 2018 summer heatwave?

Whilst June has been dominated by red hot temperatures and scorching sunshine, the UK’s house prices flatlined with the average house price hovering around £225,654, according to the latest Halifax house price index.

House prices were 0.7% lower between April and June 2018 compared with last year’s stats for the same quarter.

The property market has been described as ‘lacking lustre’ by property experts and they are pointing the finger at Brexit, surprise surprise. There is also uncertainty around the interest rate rise which will not be good news for those who have to […] Read more

Are you relocating? Sell your property today

Are you relocating? Sell your property today

The thought of picking up your life and moving it across the country, or even across the city, can be daunting. If your house is keeping you back or preventing you from moving forward, quite literally, into your new life, why not let OK Property put your mind at ease. We’re a simple service who offer a quick and efficient option to sell your home quickly, without any extra hassle.

Cash house buyer

Chancellor George Osbourne believes the UK housing market could be on it’s way down as a result of the EU referendum, as much as 18% in the next two […] Read more

Are you a landlord looking to sell?

Are you a landlord who wants to sell a tenanted property? 

After a lifetime of having the pressures and responsibilities of being a landlord, it could be the perfect time to sell your properties and release your investment so you can finally retire, move or even invest in something completely new. If your property already has a tenant, that is no problem to us.

Do you want to sell your whole property portfolio?

We can buy all of your rental properties at once, making the whole experience much simpler and faster. Our valuations go through a strict team of people including RICS qualified surveyors, […] Read more

Housing Chain Problems

People who come to us often complain about being in a chain. In todays housing market, the majority of property purchases will have a chain, making it almost unavoidable.

In each link of the chain there will be an estate agent, a legal firm, a surveyor and a mortgage lender trying to work together.

When all of these companies are working together, if one misses a phone call, forgets a signature, anything, there is a knock-on effect to the speed of the sale.

All of this unnecessary extra work and complication leads to delays after delays. After all, the chain will only progress as […] Read more

Property sellers are cutting £25,000 off asking prices

People selling their house are starting to to greatly reduce the asking price of their property. The average discount on the first asking prices of a property across the UK is more than £25,000! This is an increase of £4,000 from just January 2016!

The research, conducted by Zoopla, also found that 29% of all homes currently listed for sale have cut their asking price at least once.

They also found that 8 out of the 10 highest proportion of homes with a reduced asking price are located in the North of England particularly St Helens, Hartlepool and Middlesborough who have almost half of […] Read more

Equity Release

An equity release is a method of releasing wealth which is currently tied into your home or property without having to sell or move. With an equity release you can borrow against the value of your home or even sell all or part in exchange for monthly income or a lump sum.

The majority of equity releases we see are with older customers who are looking to fund their retirement and either have small mortgages left to pay or already own their property outright. Just imagine how much better your retirement would be, if you could only:

Increase your monthly income.
Pay off any […] Read more