OK Property Vs Estate Agents

Quick Sale Vs Estate Agents

Most people, when they are planning on selling their home, go through the traditional route and hire an estate agent to help sell their property. However, if you need to sell quickly and don’t want to pay unnecessary fees, OK Property may be able to offer you an alternative option.

OK Property Vs Estate Agents

Estate Agents

No guaranteed sale
Multiple viewing appointments
Average of 7 months completion, but possibly years
Frequent chain breaks
Sales can fall through
Typical agent fees of 1-3% plus VAT
Legal fees must be paid even if the sale falls through

OK Property

Guaranteed offer to buy, no matter the condition […] Read more

Why Choose OK Property?

Why Choose OK Property?

There are many quick sale property companies out there, that the choice can be a little daunting. Because of that, we thought we would write a few of the reasons why you should consider OK Property as your number one quick sale property company.

Why Choose OK Property?

Established in 1999, OK Property was set up to simply bring people who are looking to sell their property quickly with investors who have the means to buy great investment pieces. For over 15 years we have built up great relationships with professional investors all pre-approved for mortgages and a set […] Read more

The Easy Guide to OK Property

Simple Steps to Sold!

At OK Property we pride ourselves on our professional and honest approach.
In three simple steps, we can help you sell your property, no matter the reason or your circumstances.

Three Simple Steps

1. Contact OK Property
2. Receive Your Offer
3. Complete the Fast Sale!

1. Contact OK Property
Simply fill in our online form, email or call us and one of our friendly team will be able to help you. All we will need are a few details of the property you are planning on selling and then we will discuss comparable recent sales. If you are happy, we will move […] Read more

Welcome to OK Property

OK Property

If you need to sell your property quickly and easily and at no cost to you, OK Property can offer you a solution.

We understand that everyone is different and you may be selling your property for a variety of different reasons. Because of this, OK Property offers you professional and friendly advice, no matter your situation. Whether you are looking to avoid repossession, would like to settle a divorce agreement or clear debts, OK Property have dealt with these scenarios countless times and understand your needs and the difficulties you may be going through.

We always aim to have your […] Read more

More houses being sold with sitting tenants

According to Countrywide, more investors are buying properties with sitting tenants and these results were concluded after the analysis of 65,000 rental properties. This is the highest level since 2005 and according to Countrywide, 11% of all rental properties bought in 2014 had a sitting tenants. This is a four-fold increase on the figures gathered in 2008.

Countrywide state that their stats confirm that the properties which sold with sitting tenants had lived there significantly longer than the average tenant span. 45% of these tenants had signed contracts of 24 months or longer compared. This shows that there is a growing […] Read more

Sell my house in Merseyside

” I need to sell my house in Merseyside.” Do the situations below relate to you?

” I need to sell my house in Merseyside.” OK Property can guarantee you an offer for your house.
” I need to sell my house in Merseyside through a reputable quick sale company.” We offer honest, reliable advice with professionalism, integrity and more importantly, a sale completion for you within the shortest possible time.
” I need to sell my house in Merseyside but I’m worried about expensive estate agents fees.” If you sell your house to OK Property, there will be no estate agents fees to […] Read more