Re-mortgages up, mortgages down

According to UK Finance figures, new mortgage approvals have dropped by 5% year on year when compared with the figures from August 2017.

If mortgage lending is down, this means that there are either fewer people who are actively looking to buy a property or the ever-tightening criteria that mortgage lenders have put in place is becoming too much of a struggle for many people to achieve.

Could this be another indicator that the property market is relapsing and is about to relive the crash of 2008?  It certainly isn’t good news for the people who have their houses on the market and are hoping to sell, perhaps with a desire to be moved out before Christmas.

On the other hand, if re-mortgaging figures are on the up, could this be because home owners are deciding to stay put in their current homes and maybe extending to fit their growing family. Or alternatively, many home owners may be struggling to pay off other debts which have mounted up and re-mortgaging their property is the only way forward for their circumstances.

The Bank of England’s data also suggests that there are fewer first time buyers stepping onto the property ladder. This is bad news if you are a homeowner hoping to sell your property because there’s simply not enough buyers to go round.

According to a former RICS residential chairman he believes that “confidence is in short supply” and “it is now up to the sellers to recognise the market is unlikely to change for the better for some time.” Adding, “Clearly, the market remains fairly flat without too much movement one way or the other, which is reflected on the high street.”

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