The Worst Place to Sell a House

The Worst Place to Sell a House

Worst Place to Sell

Media regularly reports on house prices, buoyant markets and raising house prices, but where is the worst place to sell a house? Unfortunately, according to Quick Move Now, the number one worst place to sell your house is Wallasey and on average it takes 358 days to sell a house here. At OK Property, we understand that this time scale is not always possible and with our experience, trust OK Property to buy your house in as little as two weeks!

The 10 Worst Places to Sell a Property

  1. Wallasey
  2. Paisley
  3. Sunderland
  4. Colwyn Bay
  5. Newtonabbey
  6. Rochdale
  7. Scunthorpe
  8. Keighley
  9. Bangor (NI)
  10. South Shields

*According to data from and based on how long it takes to sell a property in these areas.

So if you are looking to sell your property in Wallasey (and don’t fancy waiting 358 days to sell!) get in touch with one of the friendly team at OK Property and we can sell your property in as little as two weeks.