Worst performing property market region

According to data collected by Nationwide, the worst performing region for property sales is the North of England.

The finger of blame is being pointed squarely towards new build homes which whilst initially slow to get started in the North of the country as many housing developers chose to build in the South of the country where more money can be made but now the newly built houses in the North are finally being finished and sold, the existing properties on the market are becoming harder to sell.

And who can really blame buyers wanting newly built homes? They are often more desirable thanks to them being brand-new with modern fittings and fixtures and very good energy efficiency ratings compared with buying a property that has already been lived in for many years which could have poor energy efficiency, needs decorating or renovating and could be subject to chain issues further down the line once a sale has been agreed.

The supply of brand new housing in the North is more than meeting the demand leaving a lot of existing properties on the market which can not only be frustrating but is also a very worrying time for sellers due to the ever-looming Brexit and the fact that sales in the property market have been slowing month by month in 2018.

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